e-Safety at St Mark’s

Please click here for our e-Safety Policy

Children at St Mark’s Church of England Primary School use the Internet on a regular basis as part of their learning.

Our curriculum includes lessons on safe use of the internet and we have our own Internet Safety days to coincide with the themes and focus of the nationally recognised Safer Internet day. We actively promote the message that staying safe online is very important.

We have a set of rules which the children are expected to follow in school to make sure they stay safe online. However, we are committed to improving e-Safety not only in school but at home as well. Please take time to look at the links below and watch out for our information sessions throughout the year.

In school, children will be using various websites as part of their e-safety learning.





‘Think u know’ has a number of links to the CEOPs site. Children will be familiar with some of the characters and activities


This BBC site is also used in some our units of work for e-safety.



‘Think u know’ has the most useful links for keeping your child safe on-line.

Please talk to your children about the significance of CEOPs and the CEOPs sign as it appears on websites.