St Mark's Eccles C.E. Primary School

Class information


We will be having PE on a Wednesday.  Please come to school wearing PE kit. 

Outdoor Learning

Year 1 will be using the school's outside area for their learning every Thursday.  Please bring a spare set of old clothes and trainers/wellies to change into.

Reading Books

Year 1 reading books will be changed on a Monday and a Thursday.  FS will have their books changed on a Thursday.  Please make sure that reading books are in school every day.

Home Learning

Home learning will be sent home every Thursday.  Please return it to school the following Thursday.  

Things from home

Please make sure that all items (uniform, coats, water bottles, lunchboxes etc) are clearly labelled.

Bright Class


Class Teacher:  Miss Kirkham & Mrs Velvick

Teaching Assistant:  Miss Vince & Mrs Charilaou


    Rachel Bright Collection 8 Books Set - The Book Bundle



























Our Weekly Award Winner

 Our award winner this week is Max for being such an enthusiastic learner and for sharing his considered ideas with the class.  Well done!

Termly Overview

term 2 fs.pdf

term 2 year 1.pdf


We use Bug Club phonics for our daily phonic lessons.  Please have a look at the video for some information and tips about how to help your child at home.

Our weekly learning

23rd January

This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year and learning about some of the traditions that take place.  We read and acted out the story of The Great Race and did some writing to support our learning.  FS made lanterns and dragons as well as using our role play are to create traditional Chinese meals.  Year 1 enjoyed their topic lesson, sharing their soft toys and comparing them to Early 20th Century teddies.  We noticed ours were much more varied and colourful.


3rd January

We have had a great start back at school and have been busy with lots of learning.  FS have been reading the story of Jack Frost.  We have been painting winter pictures and thinking about the different seasons.  In maths, we have been playing outside games to learn about the composition of the number 5.  Year 1 have been reading Grandad's Island and writing some fantastic descriptive sentences.  In maths, we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.  We have also started our new topic, Toys Across History.


9th December

What a busy week we have had in Bright Class!  Well done to all of the children for performing such a fantastic Nativity.  They worked so hard to make sure that they knew what they doing, to remember their lines and to sing beautifully.  I think you will agree that they were absolutely amazing!  Thank you for coming and we hope you enjoyed it.  We will post some photos soon.


28th November

We have had another great week in Bright Class and have been really busy starting to think about Christmas.  We learnt all about Advent and made some advent wreaths.  We were very excited to see that our class elf, Jingle, has come to visit us.  In FS, we drew ourselves and wrote all about our likes and dislikes to share with Jingle.  We then all went outside and created a tea party for Jingle and his elf friends.  We found a secret door in the woods which must be where he sleeps!  Year 1 have worked really hard this week reviewing their learning and showing us what they can do in English and Maths; Mrs Velvick was very impressed with their time telling skills.

7th November

This week we have been learning about Remembrance Day.  We all did some fantastic writing.  FS created some beautiful poppy pictures using apple stamps and red paint.  Take a look at our artwork on the windows of our classroom.  Year 1 enjoyed using the computers to create some brilliant digital drawings of poppies.  We also enjoyed our first PE lesson altogether as a class.  We had great fun practising to jump.  We were jumping over things, moving forwards, changing from one foot to two feet and pretending to be lots of different jumping animals.  


31st October

We have had a busy first week back at school, starting with a fantastic drama workshop all about King Arthur and the sword in the stone.  We enjoyed meeting the characters, miming along to the story and learning about the magic of the sword!  We have also been learning about Bonfire Night and FS created some fantastic firework pictures.  Year 1 have been outside for the first of our outdoor learning sessions and had a great time exploring our grounds, playing games and working as a team.


17th October

This week FS have been learning all about Autumn and the changing seasons.  We read the story, "The Scarecrow Who Couldn't Scare" and then created some fantastic Autumn pictures.  We used conkers, pine cones and sticks to print with our orange, red and yellow paints.  We used pastels to carefully draw a pumpkin and enjoyed picking out the seeds afterwards!  In maths, we have been practising counting and recognising numbers and we have been working hard to write our names neatly and clearly.

Year 1 have been very busy with their learning.  We have been learning how to use number lines in maths and writing descriptions in English.  In topic, we built a lego London thinking about how it would have been rebuilt after the Great Fire.  In RE, we thought about what shows us that someone is a Christian.



10th October

We have had another great week in Bright Class with lots of fun activities and learning.

FS have been enjoying our new home corner which has been transformed into an exciting and welcoming area.  We have been learning about repeating patterns and created our own repeating pattern finger paint snakes.  We have been learning to blend our phonic sounds and playing games to help us read some new words as well as talking about the things we like and don't like.

Year 1 have been comparing numbers using symbols and applying our money skills in our very own shop.  We have been writing sentences to form a narrative based on a short film we watched about a boy who zooms to space.  We have been enjoying our PE lessons with Mr Thacker and spending time outside with the rest of our class.  


3rd October

This week FS came to school to find a new friend had joined us; we now have our very own class koala!  We talked about the pets that we have and the pets we would like and then voted to call our koala Cuddles.  We carefully looked after him, collecting leaves for him to eat and making sure he was played with nicely.  In maths, we sorted objects based on their size and colour and had a tea party to make sure the bigger bears got the bigger cakes!  In phonics, we continued to practise saying, reading and writing the sounds s, a, t, p, i, n, m and d.

Year 1 had a busy week writing our diary entries, comparing objects and counting money.  In DT, we made our own hummus and tasted our healthy snack with carrot dippers.  We continued our learning about The Great Fire of London and created some great artwork using silhouettes and tissue paper.


26th September

This week, year 1 have been doing lots of work based on another Rachel Bright story, "The Squirrels Who Squabbled".  We looked at the characters feelings, wrote in the first person and used some new vocabulary in sentences.  Next week, we will be writing a diary entry from the perspective of Cyril the squirrel.  In maths, we have been counting forwards and backwards, and finding one more than a given number.

FS have been talking about their families and we have really enjoyed sharing photos from home and asking each other questions.  We have been practising to write our name and have started to learn some of our phonic sounds.  We have been doing art, building and playing games during our choosing time.

On Friday, we really enjoyed our day learning about The Great Fire of London.  We had lots of fun and can't wait to share some photos with you.  Keep an eye out next week!


12th September 2022

This week we have been reading the story "The Koala Who Could" by Rachel Bright.  Year 1 have been writing some fantastic sentences using full stops and capital letters.  They have been joining their ideas using the word 'and'.  They have loved starting some new learning in science, DT and topic and have worked hard all week!  Foundation Stage have settled brilliantly in to their new routines and have been great at getting to know each other and exploring all the things we can do in the classroom and outside.   We have been really impressed with what they have learnt already!

Click on the pictures below to see some of the things we have been doing.