St Mark's Eccles C.E. Primary School

Oliver Jeffers Class

Class Teacher:  Miss Kirkham

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs David


We love sharing books in Oliver Jeffers class and each day we vote for a book to read at story time. 

We practise our phonics and read to the adults in our class regularly.

We take books home that match our phonic knowledge and choose books from our book baskets to share with people at home too Click on the logo below to watch an "Introduction to Phonics" from Bug Club phonics. 

In addition to story time, we are using these books for our learning this term.

What have we been doing?


We started our week by reading the story, "The Enormous Turnip".  We acted it out and sequenced the events.  We then decided to make our own soup.  We had a look at the carrots we have been growing but they weren't quite ready so we used some carrots from the shop and chopped, mixed, simmered and then blended our ingredients.  When it was ready we all tasted it, some of us thought it was more yummy than others!  We wrote some absolutely fantastic instructions to help others make their own healthy soup. 


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Max for his fantastic writing.  Max really impressed us when he persevered to write a brilliant story during choosing time.


This week we have been celebrating summer and have been learning all about the seaside.  We have been busy building sandcastles, fishing and making flags.  We have been practicing our phonic sounds and tricky words as well as writing some brilliant sentences.  In maths we have been solving problems using our toy animals and in RE we have been thinking about what makes us special.  It has been another great week of learning!



We have had another great week in Oliver Jeffers Class.  We continued our learning about the story Jack and the Beanstalk but this week we read another book, Jim and the Beanstalk.  We compared the two stories and then wrote our own versions of the story.  We used our capital letters and full stops carefully.  In maths we have been learning odd and even numbers and using the numicon pieces to help us.  We played some games putting things into pairs to see if we had odd or even amounts.  We have started to create some summer pictures using powder paints and we have spent lots of time outside.  We are excited to see that our strawberries are turning red and we caught a glimpse of an orange carrot poking through the mud.  We can't wait to eat them!


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Jack for his maths learning.  Jack has done brilliantly at recognising and sorting odd and even numbers.

Our School Trip

We really enjoyed our trip to Shorne Country Park today.  The weather was beautiful and we found the perfect spot in the shade.  We were very excited about the journey in the minibus and then had a fantastic time at the park.  We started with a scavenger hunt to find things like the straightest stick and the most jagged leaf.  We then then compared the lengths of the leaves we had found.  We used crayons to do some bark and leaf rubbings, thinking about what was rough and what was smooth.  We loved our picnic lunch and then played some parachute games before coming back to school.  What fun!



We have had a fantastic time getting ready to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee this week.  We learnt about the Queen, wrote her some messages to say congratulations, designed some new postage stamps and made some messy cakes!  We learnt about mixing the colours red, white and blue.  We had a brilliant time when our grandparents came in to school and hope that they enjoyed it as much as we did.  Not only were we busy with the Jubilee, we also completed our Geography Week activities.  We went on a sensory walk around the school to collect things with different textures and to listen to our surroundings.  We then came back to the classroom and looked at a map to show where we had been.  We were very good at working out what everything on the map represented.


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Sonny for having such a fantastic attitude to school and for being so polite and hardworking.


This week in Oliver Jeffers class we have enjoyed our dinosaur gift shop and café, practicing counting and using money.  We have been writing independently, using lots of amazing words to describe a magical land and we have been working together to make a racing car, subtract numbers, and learn some new songs.  Outside we did some painting, found lots of caterpillars and watered our allotment - our fruit and vegetables are growing well!


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Susie for her brilliant learning during choosing time and for really impressing us with her reading and writing.


We have had a really fun time in Oliver Jeffers class this week, with lots of activities and smiles!  We read the story, "The Girl and the Dinosaur" and wrote the start of our own adventure stories.  In maths, we practiced adding two numbers.  We had a brilliant time playing some games with the year 5 children; they really helped us and were fantastic at showing us what to do.  Some of us built a den in the classroom, some of us made a dinosaur land with the sea, desert, forest and swamp, and some of us were very busy making things from our arts and crafts area.  


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Aston for his creativity and perseverance when designing and making things.


This week we have made the most of the sunny weather and have spent lots of time outside.  We started by learning what dinosaurs eat and how we know whether they are carnivores or omnivores (we are experts at using these long words) by looking at their teeth, claws and fossilized poo!  We decided it would be fun to make our own dino poo using mud, straw, leaves and sticks.  We then had our own dinosaur tea party.  We used our maths knowledge about capacity to help us decide which containers to fill with water for our dinosaurs.  We have also managed to plant some carrots and potatoes in our allotment area and are ready to look after them and watch them grow.


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Ottilie for having a huge smile all week and for really impressing us with her phonics learning. 


We have had another fantastic week in Oliver Jeffers class, continuing our learning about dinosaurs.  This week we learnt about how we know things from the past.  We looked at some fossils and then made our own from clay.  We had an archeological dig in our allotment area and carefully cleaned and measured the dinosaur remains that we found.  We did some brilliant writing to describe some of the dinosaurs we had learnt about.  In phonics, we have enjoyed our Bug Club lessons and in maths we have been finding missing numbers within 20.  We have been very creative all week, doing lots of drawing and setting up a museum in the role play area.  We sold tickets and showed our exhibits.  What fun!


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Oscar for wowing us with his knowledge and for being patient and considerate all week.


We have started the summer term with a new topic, "Things From The Past".  We came into school and found a dinosaur's nest with two very special eggs.  We watched them throughout the week until eventually they hatched.  We thought this was such an important event that we became reporters and wrote our own newspaper articles about it.  In maths we have been practicing our numbers to 20 and in phonics we have been learning some new tricky words. 


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Alice for always having an amazing attitude to school and starting the term in the same fantastic way.


We finished our topic this week by learning all about how we can keep our teeth healthy and about the dentists who help us.  We learnt a song to remind us how to brush our teeth, did some fabulous writing, used playdough, practised our cutting skills to make teeth for Alan, the crocodile in our book, and painted with toothbrushes!  We ended the week with a cold, but fun, Easter egg number hunt!


We have had another busy week in Oliver Jeffers, starting on Monday when we came into school to find a mess of spilt porridge and upturned tables.  We became detectives to solve the crime as part of our 'People Who Help Us' topic.  We discovered that Goldilocks was to blame and finally found her hiding in the wild area!  After she had said sorry, we helped her by making some new chairs and some porridge for the bears.  We have also been enjoying the sunshine, learning all about shapes for Maths Day, creating our own Easter gardens in RE and learning about the life cycle of a frog while watching our tadpoles hatch; what an exciting week!


We really enjoyed Science Day on Monday this week and loved launching our rockets using milk bottles.  Take a look at the science page to see some pictures.  We carried on our science learning by investigating things that float and sink before making some boats.  This linked to our learning about people who help us when we are near the water.  We learnt to keep ourselves safe by Staying Away From the Edge and staying near a grown up.  At the end of the week we took part in some activities for Red Nose Day and thought about how we can help other people.


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Malina for her wonderful poster, writing and boat making when learning about water safety.


This week we have been learning about paramedics and how they can help us; we learnt to call 999 in an emergency.  We set up our own hospital in the role play area and wrote some brilliant versions of the nursery rhyme, "Humpty Dumpty".  In maths, we have been playing bingo and comparing numbers using the words more, less and fewer.  To develop our IT skills, we used the bee-bots and instructed them to move forwards, backwards and to turn around.  We counted how far they needed to travel so they didn't crash!  We have also enjoyed using pastels to create some beautiful spring time pictures, looking carefully at the daffodils we planted, and spending some time in the wild area while the sun was shining. 


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is James for impressing us with his amazing reading and writing.


We started our new topic, "People Who Help Us", by learning about some of the emergency services.  This week we concentrated on the fire service and learnt what they do to help us.  We wrote about what they do, what they wear and what qualities they need to have.  Outside, we made our own fire engine and painted some fire pictures.  In maths this week, we were thinking about the composition of the numbers 9 and 10.  We made our own tens frame to help us count and find missing numbers.  In RE, we acted out the story of Palm Sunday to help towards answering our Big Question, "Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter garden".  Lastly, we had a brilliant time for World Book Day and we loved sharing our costumes and reading some of our favourite stories.  We looked at Oliver Jeffers' book, "The Hueys in....The New Jumper" and created our own giant picture of class Hueys with personally designed felt jumpers.  We talked about all being the same but all being different and how important and unique we each are.


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Taylor for his positivity and perseverance when completing his learning.


This week we finished our "Up, Up and Away" topic with a trip to space!  We read the story "Field Trip To The Moon" and learnt lots about the moon and the planets in our solar system.  We made a rocket, created intergalactic passports and then visited space.  We completed a science investigation thinking about how the craters of the moon are formed.  In maths this week, we compared lengths and heights and went outside to measure our daffodils.  Some of them were 16 cubes tall.  We also enjoyed the changing weather this week and were very excited to get outside when it suddenly started to hail!


Well done to Sonny, Belle and Max this week for winning Mrs Taylor's history prizes for their coat of arms designs and home learning!


We have been really busy this week taking part in the school's Rochester Riverside history project.  Our focus has been learning all about castles.  We started by comparing our homes to castles and wrote some brilliant sentences to show how they are different.  We learnt some new vocabulary to describe the parts of a castle and learnt how they are built, using the model castle to help us.  We then became builders ourselves and created our own castles from bricks and blocks before using tools to mould clay into towers.  We even had a huge castle in the classroom!

It was also Safer Internet Day this week and so we learnt how to stay safe when using devices and had a go at using some of the school Chromebooks.


This week our award is for being Historian of the Week.  Our winner is Max for his enthusiasm and recall of his learning and for sharing all his knowledge of a local castle with the class.


This week we learnt about, and celebrated, Chinese New Year.  We learnt a traditional dragon dance using props and instruments, made lanterns, wrote customer orders in our Chinese restaurant role play area, used paint to write some numbers in Chinese and made shape dragons.  We learnt about the tradition of the wishing tree and wrote our own wishes.  We attached them to oranges but thought it best not to throw them in the tree like tradition says!  


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Alice for her elegance and rhythm when leading our Chinese dragon dance.


We started the week with a fantastic visit from the author C.S. Clifford, who told us a very funny story and inspired us to write some of our own.  We did a great job telling our stories, drawing pictures to help us remember what comes next and then using our phonic knowledge to write them in our books.  In maths, we have been thinking about capacity.  We counted how many spades of mud filled our three different sized pots and investigated how many items we could fit in to a match box.  We soon realised that the smaller the items, the more we could squeeze in!  As part of our learning about the Polar Regions, we made playdough penguins, compared the sizes of penguins and used our scientific enquiry skills to find out about the effects of warm water and salt on ice. 


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Oscar for his enthusiasm and curiosity when discovering and discussing new things.


Our focus this week has been on the Polar Regions.  We read the story, "The Great Explorer" and thought about what it would be like to be an explorer going to the north or south pole.  We talked about what we would see, what we would do and wrote a list of things we would need to take.  We used the role play area to act out our adventures!  In maths, we were learning to balance things and use the words equal, heavier, lighter, heaviest and lightest.  We enjoyed balancing the scales with cubes, sand and water.  For our art this week, we started some winter pictures.  We talked about warm and cold colours and mixed the paints to make different shades of blue.


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Theo for his fantastic maths learning and for using our key vocabulary when balancing the scales.


This week we have been reading the book, "The Queen's Hat".  We then found out that the wind had blown Mr Bassett's hat off his head!  It had landed all around the school and so we decided to tell and write our own version of the story, making sure we spoke in full sentences and used full stops.  In maths we have been learning what the addition sign means and using numicon to help us with our number bonds.  We have also really enjoyed using the role play area in our classroom, dressing up and thinking about what we need to do to look after others.  We have loved going to Book Club with the other children in the school and sharing books with each whilst using our cosy cave to read in the classroom.


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Belle for her amazing story telling and phonic knowledge whilst staying focused and enthusiastic.


It has been lovely to be back in school together this week and we have enjoyed starting our new topic "Up, Up and Away".  We started by talking about different kinds of maps, what they show us and how we might use them.  We drew some of our own maps using simple pictures and symbols and then built a 3D map outside.  It had fields, trees, roads, buildings, a pond and the sea.


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Aston for his positive attitude towards our activities.  He has worked well with others, taken turns and been kind.


We have had a brilliant last week of term and have been as busy as ever!  This week, we walked to the post box in the village to post our Christmas cards home.  We wrote our envelopes, stuck on a stamp and learnt about our card's journey from the post office, to the sorting office and finally to our letterboxes.  Hopefully, cards will be arriving through your door soon!  We also made our Christingles this week.  Armitage Class taught us what each part means and helped us stay safe when we lit our candles.  We are all very excited for Christmas and hope you have a lovely break.


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Taylor for making great choices and listening to instructions brilliantly.  He has set a really good example to others.


This week our class elf decided to play hide and seek and so we retold the story, "We're going on a bear hunt" and read a new story, "We're going on a lion hunt" before going on our own elf hunt!  We made posters to ask if anyone had spotted the elf; we eventually found her in the fruit box!  We have spent time outside problem solving, trying to get 6 balls in to a bucket without stepping over the line.  We started by throwing the balls, then used bats before deciding we could build ramps and tunnels.  We have been playing games to practice our phase 2 phonic sounds and have been thinking about rhyming words.  Finally, a big thank you for coming to see our Nativity, we were extremely proud of our performance!


This week we have been getting in the Christmas spirit.  We learnt the Nativity story and started our advent countdown.  Our elf, Jingle, left a Christmas tree for us to decorate.  We have also been using the puppet show to tell stories, using the wooden blocks to build things and showing how the number of cubes we have doesn't change just because we arrange them in different ways.  We were excited to see that some of our daffodil bulbs have started sprouting and loved making shepherd's pie and chocolate pudding in our Investigation Kitchen.


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is James for being very patient and for persevering when using the construction blocks.


We have continued our celebrations topic this week by organising a party for our class teddy, Fudge.  First, we wrote a to do list.  Then, we wrote invitations and made birthday cards.  Next,  we decorated the classroom, blew up balloons, wrapped up lots of presents and made cakes.  Finally, we had the party and played games including phonics pass the parcel.  What a lucky teddy


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Susie for her fantastic attitude.  She has been making great choices and really impressing us with her writing.


This week we have been celebrating our Road Safety Heroes as part of Road Safety Week.  We learnt how to cross the road safely, wrote some instructions, wrote our names and numbers to create number plates, became cars and constructed ramps and tunnels. We loved our walk around Eccles, doing everything we had learnt.  We were so sensible and safe!


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Max for his enthusiasm and participation.  He has joined in with all of the activities brilliantly, being kind and helping others.


This week we have been learning all about Remembrance Day.  We made poppies out of clay, created a tissue paper wreath to hang on our classroom door and wrote some brilliant stories about a rabbit hiding in a poppy field.  We have been outside making poppies and racing cars, using the building blocks inside and playing lots of maths and phonics games.  We were also excited to spot a butterfly in the outside area!


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Jack for showing huge confidence all week.  Jack has been coming in to school and settling in to his activities with a smile!


We have had a great week back after half term.  We started our 'Celebrations' topic thinking all about Bonfire Night.  We learnt about Guy Fawkes, wrote a list of things we would wear to a firework display and the sounds we would hear, did a science experiment with skittles and even had our own fire in the outside area.  We thought about what we need to do to stay safe with a pretend fire and then shared a story around our fire pit.  In maths, we played lots of games to compare numbers and in phonics we learnt some of the tricky words we need to recognise when we are reading.


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Malina for persevering with her writing and thinking about the sounds she needs to create each word when describing the sounds fireworks make.


This week we have been busy doing lots of Autumn activities including printing with pine cones, conkers and leaves, and using tools to safely hammer golf tees in to pumpkins .  We enjoyed digging in the mud so much that we buried treasure, used our geography skills to make maps and worked together to build a pirate ship. We have been developing our number knowledge and learning some new sounds to help with our reading and writing. 


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Sonny for always listening, participating and trying his best.  Sonny sets a brilliant example to others in the class.


Our theme this week has been pets.  We had a vote to name our class bear and have chosen the name Fudge.  We have been thinking about what we need to do to look after him and opened a vet surgery in our classroom to care for a variety of animals.  We became story tellers when we wrote our own versions of the story, "If I had a dinosaur".  We all agreed a dinosaur would be a great pet but discussed some things we thought might be problematic!  In maths, we have been copying and continuing repeating patterns and in phonics we have been learning the sounds i, n, m and d.


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Oscar for his grown up attitude and for his brilliant writing when using the sounds we had learnt.


This week we have been talking about our families, sharing photos from home and practising saying and writing some new sounds.  In maths, we have been comparing amounts, building tall and short towers and using the scales to balance the sand.  We really enjoyed our Harvest Supper and welcoming you in to see us.


Our St Mark's Vision Award winner this week is Alice for being a kind and helpful member of the class and for always listening so brilliantly.


We have had another great week in Oliver Jeffers Class.  We read the story Supertato and thought about how super and healthy vegetables are.  We wrote letters to Supertato and made our own vegetable heroes.   We have been printing with vegetables, capturing the evil pea and mark making with paint.  In our maths lessons, we have been sorting things based on their size, colour and shape. 


This week we read the book Funny Bones to start our topic All About Me. We retold the story, made skeletons and built our own dark, dark street.  We have also been looking at things that match, including different colour fish, pairs of socks and numicon pieces.


This week we had our first day together as a whole class.  We had lots of fun all week and started getting used to some of our school routines.


We have had a brilliant first week at school!  We have been exploring inside and outside and have loved getting to know each other.  We have been making rockets, building towers, painting, drawing, playing in the sand, using the train set, cooking food in the role play area and using the climbing equipment safely.  Well done to everyone for being so fantastic.