St Mark's Eccles C.E. Primary School



Our mathematics teaching follows the national Curriculum, which ensures that the children are fluent in the fundamentals and have conceptual understanding so that they can reason mathematically. The intent of our curriculum is to allow children to flourish with their knowledge and understanding in mathematics throughout their school life, enriching their passion and enthusiasm for this subject. We believe giving all children a secure knowledge base will enable fluency across maths, science and technology, allowing them to be financially equipped for everyday life.


We use the National Curriculum and White Rose Maths planning overview as our base, alongside our self-developed ‘Pilgrim Progress’ assessment procedures to provide support for staff and pupils to monitor their progress against the gaining of key skills and knowledge. This important spine allows us to manage our split classes and plan a clear four year cycle of topics and learning that begins with an individual child's starting point. The foundation stones to a successful education lie in the acquisition of basic skills and knowledge.

We use Pilgrim's progress to track and assess maths skills and knowledge throughout the year.


Our maths curriculum ensures children are confident about maths and believe they can apply the knowledge and skills they already have to solve problems and reason in all areas of maths. They are willing to have a go and are able to use manipulatives to support their understanding of new concepts. We monitor teaching and learning through learning walks, book looks, observations and pupil progress meetings. Termly assessments, internal and external moderation all form part of our monitoring to ensure all children make good progress.

Useful Websites 

These websites are free and have lots of games for EYFS up to year 6.

Reading and Maths

The following site gives you 40 children's books that foster the love of maths. You will find a list of books for different areas of maths.