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St Mark's C.E Primary School

Life in all its fullness


We have been very busy in art this term building modroc sculptures.  We used wire to create a structure and then filled and wrapped them with newspaper.  Next, we got messy and wrapped our models with modroc.  We smoothed it and waited for them to dry.  Finally, we painted them.  We have worked extremely hard and have created some fantastic sculptures!

The spinach at our allotment was ready to harvest today, so we picked it and made some 'allotment' pizzas.  We added our spinach and some courgette grown by Julia Donaldson Class to show how we can make some of our favourite foods a little more nutritional.  We loved it!

We had a brilliant time learning about the human digestive system, creating our own messy models using weetabix (food), water (stomach acid), plastic bags (stomach) and tights (intestines).

Have a look at our amazing artwork based on our science topic, Animals including Humans.  We used oil pastels and collage to create our masterpieces.  We placed our creatures in our outside gallery to show them off!

Here are some pictures of our outdoor learning as part of our Vikings topic.  First, we designed our settlement site, thinking about everything settlers would need and then we created them outside with mud, sticks, leaves, stones and anything else we could find.  We made sure we built bridges, dams, walls and fences to prevent flooding when we added our water.

This week we did lots of learning outside; here are some pictures of our freeze frames to show the Easter story.  We also had a brilliant science lesson dissecting a daffodil to learn about how plants reproduce.  We were amazed with what we found when we carefully took the flowers apart!

We have been learning outside again this week.  Here are some pictures of our music lesson, creating sounds of the rainforest using natural materials and body percussion.  We counted in beats of 8.

We loved our first day back at school today!  There was lots of chatting, smiling and laughing. We went outside for our maths learning and created some fraction walls to help with our learning about equivalent fractions.