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St Mark's C.E Primary School

Life in all its fullness


This week we have been learning about Queen Elizabeth and her family. We have learnt to sing the National Anthem! 

We would like to thank all the grandparents for coming to our celebration this week. It was lovely to see you all there.

Week 6:


This week we have been identifying similarities and differences when sorting seeds.

Week 3:

This week we had a secret ballot to vote for the animal we would like to adopt as a class from the WWF. We created a block graph to show which animal was the favourite. We then practised interpreting the data on the block graph and answered word problems. We are going to adopt a penguin!

We wrote about why we had chosen our animal remembering to use capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and adjectives.

Week 2:

Week 1:

This week our visit to Rochester Castle provided a wonderful end to the Rochester Riverside Project which has inspired and engaged the children in their learning.

if you have the opportunity this weekend to go on a Winter Wander please can you send in any photographs for our class learning learning page. Next week we are going to be choosing which WWF animal we are going to adopt as a class!

Term 4:

Week 6: 

This week we have been learning all about Rochester Castle. We have used a range of media to draw pictures and create models of the Castle. We have learnt the names of different parts of a Castle and have talked about the similarities and differences between castles and our own homes.

Please take a look at the Rochester Riverside Project in the History area to see some of the things we have been doing.

We have had an online safety day where we have thought about how to keep ourselves safe when using the internet.

Please see the photos of some of our finished weaving looms.

Week 5:

Thank you to all of you who took part in the Big Garden Birdwatch last weekend. It has been interesting to listen to all your experiences. The wonderful bird pictures are now displayed on our class window.

This week we have continued learning about everyday materials and have started to apply this knowledge to solve a given problem.

We have had fun doing lots of practical work around measuring length and height. Today we have started to measure objects using centimetres.

In our art lesson we have been creating weaving looms out of unusual objects including bicycle wheels, twigs and clay. We  look forward to sharing the photographs of our finished work with you next week.

Our star of the week is Rosie for demonstrating good learning skills and for working hard to improve her phonics.


Week 4:

On Monday we had an inspiring morning with the author C S Clifford.

In science we have been investigating the properties of everyday materials such as wood, metal and plastic.

We have had fun doing lots of practical work around weight comparing heavy and light objects.

Today we have started to consider vocabulary such as grams and kilograms.

In our art lesson we have continued to think about primary colours and colour mixing.

We have been inspired by artists such as Kandinsky. 

Week 3:

This week we have continued to practise our phonics.

We have been learning our number bonds to twenty.

In science we have been learning to identify the difference between an object and the material it is made from.

We have been learning how the flags of the United Kingdom combine to create the Union Jack.

Our star of the week is Theo for demonstrating good listening skills.

Week 2:

This week we have continued to practise our phonics and have been focusing on using our sound buttons and identifying real and pseudo words.

We have been reviewing addition and using a number line as a visual aid.

We have started learning about Materials and the United Kingdom.

We have shared the story 'The Whale Who Wanted More' during our PSHE sessions and have talked about our families and the different groups we belong to.

Our star of the week is Oliver for being focused on his learning and enthusiastically completing all tasks.



 Week 1: Happy New Year!

This week we have been practising segment and blending real and pseudo words using the phonic sounds we have learnt and have shared the story of ‘The Cat that Lost his Purr.’

We have been practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

We have been learning to identify and name the primary colours.

Our star of the week is Matthew for demonstrating a positive attitude to his learning.

Term 3

This week we have been sharing the story of the Nativity.

We have been learning to count in twos and to identify odd and even numbers.

As you know we have been weather forecasters this week. Please see our photos.

We have had lots of fun playing musical games and singing songs.

We have been using 2D shapes to create pictures.

We used recycled bits of metal to make portraits.

We used collage to create portraits. Our portraits are inspired by Picasso.

We enjoyed sitting around the firepit and listening to a story.

More fantastic portraits inspired by Picasso