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St Mark's C.E Primary School

Life in all its fullness

Whole School Learning


Our trip to Rochester for history week. 

We celebrated Remembrance Day with a special service and we also worked together as a whole school to create a display of poppies that had messages of thanks or someone we remember.  

The Vikings

Krindlekrax and Hugo Cabret were really lucky to have a Viking visitor as part of their history learning.  We learnt so much about Viking clothes, armour, weapons and more.  We couldn't believe how heavy the chain mail was and loved looking at the (blunted!) swords and axes.

Fantastic Fred

We were really lucky to have The Fantastic Fred Experience visit us in school.  We learnt so much about how we can help look after our own good mental health using the acronym FRED (Food, Rest, Exercise, Digital Devices).  Years 1 to 6 loved watching the performance!

Sponsored Snowflake Dash

 We really enjoyed spotting the snowflakes on our dash around the school.

An enjoyable elf visit for KS1 and EYFS