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St Mark's C.E Primary School

Life in all its fullness


Oliver Jeffers Class: 

We used our class floor book to record our learning.

We used clay to create our own castles. We used clay tools to add the details.

We used small world resources to create our own castles and stories.

Percy Class:

We used a range of media and materials to create pictures and models of Rochester Castle.


We looked at the similarities and differences between castles and our homes.

We put pictures of different buildings in chronological order. We used words such as ‘old’, ‘new’ and ‘a long time ago’ to say when they were built and to compare where they are on a timeline. We learnt that there are ten years in a decade.

Key fact: Rochester Riverside will be opening two decades after St Mark’s opened!

Our visit to Rochester Castle.

We identified Rochester Riverside on a simple map and highlighted the key landmark features of Strood Bridge, Rochester Cathedral, Rochester Castle and the River Medway.

Armitage Class: 

David Walliams Class: 

We ordered events on a timeline for a specific period of time putting the events into centuries.

Key fact: Rochester Castle was built in the 11th Century. This was nine Centuries ago.

We talked about how the design of our new sister school Rochester Riverside is inspired by Rochester Castle.

We created pictures of Rochester Castle in the style of Picasso.

We created a Coat of Arms for Rochester Riverside. 

Shakespeare Class: 

We used a range of sketching pencils to create a detailed drawing of Rochester castle.

Our visit to Rochester Castle