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Science Day 2022

To celebrate British Science Week and Mars Day 2022, we took part in some exciting space themed STEM challenges. 

Here's what we got up to...

Oliver Jeffers Class

Oliver Jeffers Class were set the challenge of launching a rocket as far as they could using a milk bottle.  They found out that the air inside the milk bottle pushes the rocket forwards and decided that the best way to make it travel the furthest was to stamp the air out.  They realised that jumping with two feet was even better! 

Percy Class

Percy Class answered the question "What will make your rocket travel the furthest?"  They found out that the bigger the milk bottle, the further the rocket would go.  They measured the distances so that they could compare their results.

Armitage Class

Armitage Class were set the challenge of deciding which surface would be best for the Mars Rover to successfully roll out on to Mars.  They used toy cars and ramps to investigate the effects of friction.  They kept all the variables the same, except for the surface, and then measured how far the cars had travelled.  They then used their computing skills to create a graph of their results.

David Walliams Class

David Walliams Class were set a 'Land It!' challenge.  They investigated the effects of air resistance and designed parachutes to help astronauts land safely back on earth.  They asked lots of scientific questions and made predictions before carefully making and testing their parachutes.  They concluded that the bigger the parachute, the slower the descent.

Shakespeare Class

Shakespeare Class became engineers for the day and took part in their challenge to land a Mars Rover.  They had to design a space lander that would land safely and softly.  They made predictions, created their designs, adapted and tested them.  They thought about balance, cushioning and stability.