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St Mark's C.E Primary School

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Award Winner (Week 2): Congratulations Owen! Owen has displayed a consistent attitude of 'doing his best'. His learning has wowed us and he has shown a desire to apply what he has learnt. He has taken great pride in the quality of his learning!

Term 3: Week 2


  • This week in Maths we have been learning how to use short multiplication as an accurate strategy to multiply 3-digit and 2-digit numbers by a 1-digit number. The children have wowed us with their understanding and are calculating at great speed and accuracy.
  • This week in English we have been writing a short narrative inspired by a stone age hunter-gatherer. The children are quickly understanding how to up-level their own sentences and have produced some very effective sentences.
  • In Art this week, the children learned skills for sculpting clay and enjoyed re-creating 'The Lion Man' - a stone age artefact. Take a look at some of the learning below.

Award Winner (Week 1): Well done to Ashley for being ready to learn, for listening to others carefully and for contributing well in lessons. You have been wonderfully kind and respectful towards others!

Term 3: Week 1


  • This week in Maths we have been using place value counters to multiply 3-digit and 2-digit numbers by a 1-digit number. This was a great way of understanding partitioning and repeated addition (see the pictures below).
  • In English this week we have been recapping some of the key ingredients of writing that we have learnt to use. The children have been up-levelling sentences by adding time conjunctions, fronted adverbials, adverbs and adjectives, and by finally replacing the verb for a more powerful verb.
  • In Music, the children were introduced to the song 'Three Little Birds' by Bob Marley & The Wailers. Lots of the children instantly recognised the song and enjoyed discussing and appraising the song before learning how to sing it.