Week beginning 20/01/20

Harrison was the winner of our trust award this week.  He has worked exceptionally hard all week and we have been particularly impressed with his contributions to our science and topic learning, all about rocks and Ancient Egypt.  Well done Harrison!

Week beginning 13/01/20

Well done to Abigail for getting our fellowship award this week.  Abigail has worked really hard to complete her reading comprehensions accurately and independently, inspiring others in the class to do the same.  Well done Abigail!

Week beginning 06/01/20

Our peace award winner this week is Shane who has shown a focussed and positive attitude to his learning and school life.   He has challenged himself to do his best and has done so with a huge smile.  Well done Shane!

PE Star Of The Term

Well done to Harrison for being Mr Thacker's PE Star Of The Term.  Harrison has listened really carefully all term and we were really impressed with the improvements he made to his rugby playing.  Well done Harrison!

Week beginning 02/12/19

Well done to Alfie for winning our peace award this week.  Alfie has demonstrated a focussed attitude to his learning, when working independently and with others.  He has tried particularly hard this week with his writing, making sure it is interesting, accurate and presented nicely.  Well done Alfie!

Week beginning 25/11/19

Our fellowship award went to Arthur this week.  He always offers to help others, without been asked, and has a determined attitude to his learning.  He is always eager to share ideas to help the class and school become an even better place.  Well done Arthur!

Week beginning 18/11/19

Well done to Toby for winning our peace award this week.  Toby always has a calm approach to his learning and shows perseverance and determination.  He doesn't stop until he finishes his learning to a high standard.  Well done Toby!

Week beginning  11/11/19

Our trust award winner this week is Miya.  Miya always works extremely hard with a sensible and mature attitude to things around her.  She can always be trusted to make the right choices and because of this we wanted to celebrate her hard work so that it doesn't go unnoticed!

Week beginning 04/11/19

Theo was the winner of our trust award this week.  He has shown great concentration all week, listening to instructions really well and contributing lots in class.  He also wrote a fantastic story opening and I have been able to trust him all week to do his very best.

Week beginning 28/10/19

Well done to Daisy for winning the fellowship award this week.  Daisy has had a fantastic positive attitude to school life, being a good friend to others during break and lunchtimes.  Well done!

PE Star Of The Term

Congratulations to Mellanie who was awarded Mr Thacker's Star Of The Term today!  We have been really impressed with her listening skills, understanding of the game (tag rugby) and her sportsmanship.  Well done Mellanie!

Week beginning 07/10/19

Daisy was the winner of our trust award this week.  Not only can we always trust her to preserve with her work, show kindness to others and make the right choices, this week she showed trust in herself to complete her maths learning independently.  She really impressed us with her adding and subtracting.  Well done Daisy!

Week beginning 30/09/19

Well done to Max this week for winning our fellowship award.  Max is always kind and caring towards others, helping them when they need it and comforting them if they are upset.  We have noticed it this week in the classroom, on the playground and during football club.  Well done Max!

Week beginning 23/09/19

Seb was the winner of our trust award this week.  He has such a fantastic and enthusiastic attitude to his learning and is motivated to continue his hard work at home by reading daily, completing his homework and practising his spellings.  We have really been able to trust Seb this week to work hard.  Well done!

Week beginning 16/09/19

Well done to Matthew for being given our peace award this week.  Matthew worked really hard to edit his already fantastic learning, taking advice from others and doing it with a calm, mature and peaceful attitude. 

Week beginning 09/09/19

Mellanie was given the fellowship award this week for always making the right choices, setting a brilliant example and for being helpful to everyone in the class, including the adults!  Well done!