• We are looking at number bonds this week in maths (A recommended website is Topmarks and a game called hit the button is very good for practising number bonds.)
  • In English we are looking at colour poems. we will be reciting a poem as a class and also writing our own colour poems.
  • In our science lesson we will be designing our own healthy menu.


  • In maths this week we will be looking at 2d shapes.
  • We will be writing our own information texts this week in English.
  • In RE we will be listening to hymns and discussing what Christians can learn about God from them.

In maths we looked at 2d shapes and lines of symmetry. We cut out shapes and then folded them so we could see the lines of symmetry. We then drew the lines on.


  • In English this week we are researching gorillas using different sources.
  • This week in Maths we are subtracting using a number line.
  • In geography this week we are looking at the local area.

Our class went on a walk around the village so that we can compare it to a town.


  • This week in English we have been writing our own version of the Anthony Browne story 'Gorilla'
  • In maths this week we have been adding using a number line
  • In ICT we learnt how to change the font colour, size and type. We also learnt how to save a document.


  • This week in English we have been filming ourselves retelling Anthony Browne's story 'Gorilla'.
  • This week in Maths we have been ordering and comparing numbers.
  • In RE we have read the Bible story of Jonah.
  • We have been exploring where we live in the world in Geography.

Week Beginning 09/09/19

  • This week in English we have been reading and discussing a variety of Anthony Browne books.
  • This week in Maths we have been counting on and back and finding one less and one more than a number.
  • This week in Geography we have been learning about the countries in the United Kingdom.