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St Mark's Lockdown Bike Rides

 A ride from school to Peter's Village

For our first ride, we set out from school on Thursday 31st March. We wanted to be able to post a nice family ride that St Mark's pupils could do during the Easter holidays. It needed to be safe, easy to ride and not too long. (It also needed to have a stop for snacks)! Having discussed different routes, this one came out on top.

It was a warm and sunny day; perfect for cycling and we set off after lunch. The ground was dry and it was easy to cycle down the first footpath. We chose to ride along the footpath next to  the school until we reached the right turn into the farmers field at the bottom. The path was easy to follow and we stopped to look at what we thought might be a train track half way down. On a wet day it could have been muddy but we were lucky and could freewheel down quite easily.

When we reached the field we got a shock. The field had dried into a very bumpy route and we were quite glad when it ended. At this point we thought we would try and find a different way back. The next part involved some road riding. Although the road was very empty we still had to be very aware.

We kept stopping for photos and, at this point, we thought that the Church would be a good backdrop! If we had more time we would have liked to stop and explore. We had been told that the path to the river had a plaque describing how the Romans had one of their first battles on one of the bends of the Medway. Maybe next time!

In no time (25 mins with stops), we found ourselves at the river in Peter's Village; the perfect place for a rest and some snacks! We discussed the route back and decided on a change. This time we avoided the bumpy field and rode along and beside the reservoir. It was easier on the bikes and gave us a change of scene. If we wanted a longer ride we saw on the map that we could go all the way down to the Friars along the tarmac road. 

Our round route took a leisurely 45 minutes and we'd recommend it to families. Maybe you could share your Easter rides with us!


Miya, Lotanna and Mitchell