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Hello Louis Sachar Class, I hope you are all well and safe! Thank you for sharing your poems/raps on Google Suite - they were all fantastic and I really enjoyed reading them! If you would like to share any work, photos or other things that you have been up to, then please e-mail the school office (office@st-marks-aylesford.kent.sch.uk). Some of you already have and it was really lovely to receive those e-mails. I will be making phone calls this Thursday to catch up with you all - please have your questions ready for me.

Here are some more activities to keep you busy and your brain active this week.



Congratulations to William (1st), Hope (2nd) and Seren (3rd) for scoring the highest shed scores of last week. So many of you have logged on and practised your spelling - keep it up Louis Sachar Class!


This week's reading comprehension is all about William Shakespeare, a famous playwright. I wonder what interesting facts you will learn about him?


This week's writing is centred around  'Macbeth', a play written by William Shakespeare. Read the PowerPoint slides below to learn the events of the story, or hashtags as they like to call them, before choosing your writing task.

The writing tasks that can be found in the second document are:

  • A diary entry from the point of view of Macbeth
  • Creating top trump cards
  • A map
  • A playbill (poster) to advertise Macbeth
  • TV/Radio News Report - King Duncan is Dead!
  • Comic strip of events

Choose whichever activity appeals to you most and be sure to use the resources and ideas given.


I have chosen Maths tasks that revisit our previous learning. There are 3 Maths activity mats for Year 5's and 3 separate activity mats for Year 6's. Attempt each of the questions - the ones that you can't solve might require you to research certain areas of Maths that you find more complicated or just simply are having trouble remembering. 


This week I have chosen an RE task to help us reflect on the events that currently surround us and that are impacting our daily lives.