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Home Learning


Tuesday 2nd March

Practise your handwriting by watching the animation of how each letter is formed. There are some letters that form the same shape to start with and you may want to practise those ones together:

c, a, d, g, o, q

b, h, k, l, t, 

m, n, p, r, u, y

v, w

i, j

Letters that are stand alone: e, f, s, x, z.

Friday 5th March - English

Please work through the activities in the PowerPoint. Once complete, write a list of words that begin with 'un' (Year 1) or put some words beginning with 'un' into sentences (Year 2).

This weeks story - The Best-Loved Bear

Wednesday 3rd February - English.

All About Tigers PowerPoint.

Home Learning Maths videos for year 1 and year 2 Week Beginning 1st February 

Year 1                                                                                          Year 2 

Monday   https://vimeo.com/503093120                                Monday https://vimeo.com/480211577

Tuesday  https://vimeo.com/503098045                                Tuesday https://vimeo.com/480212026

Wednesday https://vimeo.com/503099894                           Wednesday https://vimeo.com/480212262

Thursday https://vimeo.com/503102857                                Thursday https://vimeo.com/480212584

Friday   https://vimeo.com/503093819                                   Friday https://vimeo.com/480212725

Year 1 Monday and Tuesday 01/02/21 and 02/02/21

Year 1 Wednesday 03/02/21

Year 1 Thursday 04/02/21

Year 1 Friday 05/02/21

Year 2 Tuesday 02/02/21

Year 2 Thursday 04/02/21

Year 2 Friday 05/02/21

Maths Year 1 Week Beginning 25th January

Below you will find the video links - 

Monday - https://vimeo.com/500465193 

Tuesday - https://vimeo.com/500466597

Wednesday - https://vimeo.com/500467345 

Thursday -https://vimeo.com/500467998 

Friday - https://vimeo.com/500468562 


Year 2 Week beginning 25th January 

Below are the video links 

Monday -https://vimeo.com/461736938

Tuesday - https://vimeo.com/461791410 

Wednesday - https://vimeo.com/462380184 

Thursday - https://vimeo.com/461840544 

Friday -https://vimeo.com/463016488 




Year 1 Monday  25/01/21 - just go through the video today

Year 2 Monday 25/01/21

Year 1 Tuesday 26/01/21

Year 2 Tuesday 26/01/21

Year 1 Wednesday 27/01/21

Year 2 Wednesday 27/01/21

Year 1 Thursday 28/01/21

Year 2 Thursday 28/01/21

Year 1 Friday 29/01/21

Year 2 Friday 29/01/21



Maths  - week commencing 18/01/21 

 Below is the video links to watch the teaching videos for this week . 

Monday - (Recognise and name 3d shapes)- https://vimeo.com/476287832

Tuesday -(Sort 3d shapes)  https://vimeo.com/477200613

Wednesday (Recognise and name 2d shapes) - https://vimeo.com/476288716

Thursday (Sort 2d shapes)- https://vimeo.com/476289396

Friday -(Patterns with 2d and 3d shapes) https://vimeo.com/477201436

The worksheets to go with each one are in order below. (if you cannot print them out then please just do the ones you can on paper.)

Here are a few links to websites and games that will support home learning. There are stories, maths games, spelling, punctuation and sentence games and support with phonics. these are all free and support the curriculum.

Handwriting for Tuesday 12th January

For your English home learning on Tuesday, we would like you to practise your handwriting. 

Year 1, on some paper, can you practise the letters that follow the 'c' shape - c, a, d, g, and q. Use the cursive guide below to help you.

Year 2, can you practise the same letters, only instead of just the letter itself, think of a word beginning with that letter and write it down, trying to join the letters. We would love to see any work you complete - send it to us via the office email address. 

RE - Week Beginning 11th January

Here is a story for you to listen to and look at the pictures. I hope you enjoy it.

Phonics - these are additional activities. They revise sounds that the children in Mrs Whitehead/Mrs Robert's group and Mrs Stannard's group have already learnt. Next week, we will focus on a new sound (or sounds). 

Mrs Whitehead/Mrs Robert's Group

Mrs Stannard's Group

RE Home Learning - Week Beginning 5th January 

Extra learning pack which includes a variety of tasks and activities for year 1 and Year 2 (There is also the guidance and answer pack to support parents).